Afternoon Tease: Kink & Cake With Knicker Rocker Glory & Kink Craft.

20161009_170133When I’m not playing with sex toys I’m most often found in the kitchen, usually baking. So when I saw a post advertising an “Afternoon Tease: Make Kink, Eat Cake” event I was definitely on-board. The event was being hosted by the lovely Ruby L’Ace of Knicker Rocker Glory who are a fabulous online boudoir boutique with a delicious retro feel. The premise of the event was combining an afternoon tea with a vintage flavour with a Kink Craft class to create a kind of “Kinky W.I.”. I’ve never tried a Kink Craft kit but it was on my list of things to do so I bought a ticket and selected the colour of my mini flogger kit, I chose pink, bet that’s really surprised you huh?

20161009_165732For those of you who have never heard of Kink Craft it’s a really clever concept allowing you to create your own kinky accessories. Kink Craft have a range of kits in all different levels of complexity. I’d browsed the Kink Craft site previously and admired their lovely kits but not being particularly talented with my hands {well not when fully clothed anyway} I did wonder if this was something I would make a horrendous mess of? I loved the idea of making my own flogger, especially as it’s my favourite item for impact play, it’s so versatile, but my own crafting skills were reserved for things made of sugar.

A last-minute change of venue saw me arriving at Casa L’Ace on an overcast Saturday afternoon. Ruby had posted a beautiful picture on Twitter of her table, all laid in its vintage glory, before I’d left the house and it all looked so elegant I was slightly concerned about my Godzilla-like tendencies around all her lovely china. Ruby greeted me like an old friend and despite it being the first time I’d met her, I felt totally at ease straight away, and fell in love with her gorgeous little dog Boo. The table looked even more impressive in reality and I felt totally at home in Ruby’s beautiful lounge. As people began to arrive we chatted and did introductions over a generous glass of fizz and soon it was time to start the crafting. I was definitely concerned about my ability to create a decent flogger, especially with a healthy glug of alcohol in my system.

20161008_152511Opening our kits I was really excited by the bright pink paracord, also in the box was a length of black paracord, insulation tape and an O ring. Apparently I was going to turn this into something resembling Ruby’s lovely red and black flogger. We all sat intently watching Ruby as she began to instruct us how to craft our flogger, it was actually ridiculously easy even with the fizz! Very quickly some beautiful brightly coloured floggers began to take shape around the table. Despite the fact that I loved my own hot pink flogger I couldn’t help but admire the other colours too, particularly the bright green. We all had great fun unsheathing our white paracord inners and as we finished off, all adding our own personal twist to our finished products, we proudly whipped our hands to test it. I couldn’t believe how good it looked! I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to Mr Snatch who was suitably impressed and said that he couldn’t wait to test it out.

wp-image-45290864jpg.jpgFloggers all made, by now we were all happily chatting like old friends, Ruby and Mr L’Ace were perfect hosts keeping our glasses topped up and making us feel at home. Once the Kink Craft was done it was onto the cake! Ruby had arranged the most delicious, elegant afternoon tea I’d ever seen. It was like being transported back to a Fifties tea room. Cake stands laden with pretty little sandwiches, quiche and the most mouth-watering cream scones and carrot cake adorned the table. I can honestly say it was all so delicious it was the quietest the room was the entire afternoon. After we had finished eating talk turned back to kink again and Ruby showed us some of her newest arrivals into Knicker Rocker Glory. As we all sat there “ooohing and aahhing” over the softest silicone or the strength of vibrations, I found myself drawn to one particular hot pink Nalone wand which I had been brandishing animatedly during our conversations about the merits of vibrators or glass dildos. I knew I wanted the Nalone Rock Wand and Ruby told me that as a thankyou for attending I qualified for a discount which obviously made me even more determined that I needed this in my life and it was safely purchased before I left.

20161008_151709The afternoon flew by far too quickly and 3 hours stretched into closer to 5 as we all lost track of time in the fun. As I left Ruby was making plans for her next Knicker Rocker Glory Kink & Cake afternoon, this time doing handcuffs and I told her she could definitely count me in and would already know what colour to put aside for me! I had an amazing time and never once felt uncomfortable despite knowing nobody at the event. I strongly recommend if you have the chance to get yourself to one of the future “Afternoon Tease”events you take it! Not only did I make a kick ass flogger but I made some amazing new friends as well.

You can buy yourself a Kink Craft Mini Flogger kit like mine from Knicker Rocker Glory for £8.00.





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