Njoy Pure Wand Review


It was actually a Cara Sutra  review for the Njoy Eleven Dildo  that resulted in my purchase of the Njoy Pure Wand. I read Cara’s review and absolutely knew I needed to try a stainless steel dildo. But the Eleven lacked the curve I love in dildos so much. Upon searching out the Njoy Eleven online I quickly stumbled upon the Njoy Pure Wand on UberKinky and it was love at first sight. I actually wasn’t as bothered by the price (£99.99) as I expected to be, I’m well aware that a lump of steel isn’t going to be cheap. Even though I knew what I had ordered I was still seriously surprised when I felt the weight of the parcel, put it this way I wouldn’t have wanted to drop it on my foot. The Njoy Pure Wand weighs in at 680g making it a hefty lump of metal.


Opening the parcel I was met by a classy white slip case with the word Njoy printed on it, you would have absolutely no idea what this product was had you mistakenly opened someone else’s post. You may think they like particularly heavy door handles, but nothing more. Inside the white slip case is a black case echoing the slip case with the same “Njoy” emblazoned on the corner which opens up to reveal the beautiful Njoy Pure Wand nestled in a bed of hot pink satin. It really is an aesthetic joy. Easing the Njoy Pure Wand out of its resting place I was again stupidly shocked by the weight of it. The Njoy Pure Wand is made of medical grade stainless steel. This is polished to the most breathtaking mirror finish you could imagine on a sex toy. I spent a good few minutes just using the larger end as a kind of hand-held fun house mirror, distorting my own reflection. The finish on the Njoy Pure Wand is perfection. Your fingers glide across the mirrored surface with zero resistance and I can’t help but wonder how this will translate when it’s slipping inside me. The Njoy Pure Wand is a curved dildo with a double ended capacity. One end has a smaller ball, measuring in at 2.5 cm and the other has a larger ball which comes in at 3.8 cm. Whichever end you’re not using doubles as a handle. The Njoy Pure Wand has a delicious curve which measures approx 8 inches in length, this is plenty to be able to lay back and still get a solid grip on the Njoy Pure for thrusting. The curve on the Njoy Pure was without a doubt what drew me to it. My G Spot was practically weeping at the thought of that smooth metallic goodness massaging it. Njoy market the Pure Wand as both a G and P Spot wand so it’s quite happy to be used both vaginally and anally, though I’ve yet to do the later.


My Njoy Pure Wand sat in its pretty box next to my bed for a few weeks. I didn’t want to rush into using this particular dildo. It inspired reverence in me and I wanted to wait until I had the time and privacy to give it the work out it deserved and I’m so glad I did. When the time came to try my Njoy Pure Wand I wasn’t even sure I’d need lube thanks to the elegant shiny finish but decided to take no risks, I squeezed a blob of lube on my clit and slowly, lazily used the larger end of the Njoy Pure Wand to spread this around, I wasn’t expecting the Pure Wand to be particularly good for clitoral stimulation and yet this felt so good. I found watching the heavy silver toy work the lube into my folds was very erotic and because I was playing alone I snapped off some pics for my man. The Stainless Steel makes the Njoy Pure Wand a brilliant prop for homemade porn. It looks almost wicked and you can sense the weight through the pictures.



Finally I could take the tease no more and nestling the ball of the Njoy Pure Wand against me I gently pushed and gasped as it slid inside me with absolutely no resistance. Sliding it all the way home I felt the heavy ache inside me as that large steel ball nudged against my G Spot. The weight of the Njoy Pure Wand makes the stimulation just so intense. Gently wriggling the ball against my swelling G Spot I could feel this wasn’t going to take long if I carried on so I pulled it back out of me and began gently thrusting it back to where it so badly wanted to be. There is nothing about the Njoy Pure Wand that isn’t seamless. The thrusting was smooth a silk and thanks to my earlier efforts it wasn’t long before I felt that heavy intensity inside me and increasing the pace pushed myself into the most spectacular G Spot climax I’ve had with a toy.


Everything about the Njoy Pure Wand is erotic. The way it looks against your skin. The feeling of the weight deep inside you.  The look of the shaft coated in your cum. I’d read a lot of reviews saying you needed to be careful when thrusting with the Njoy Pure Wand in case the curve cracked your pelvic bone and I can see this might be an issue but I’ve yet to experience this and I’ve been fairly aggressive with my Njoy Pure Wand.


I say aggressive, I mean as aggressive as the weight will allow me to be. One of only two negatives I found to the Njoy Pure is that the same weight which makes it such a quality product does give you severe arm ache after a while, this is a price fully worth paying for the end result in my book and I try to view this as a mini work out for the arms. The other slight downside is bodily fluids and stainless steel are slippery as hell and it’s very easy to lose your grip once you start coating it in fluids. Again a minor issue. Being stainless steel the Njoy Pure Wand is totally washable and body safe you can take it in the bath or shower with absolutely no worry either. You can use the Njoy Pure for temperature play and I find I love the way the steel quickly warms to my internal heat, very sexy. If you’re a fan of G or P Spot pleasure then this is definitely the wand for you, the Njoy Pure Wand is a premium product with a premium price tag but quality doesn’t come cheap. I really love the Njoy Pure Wand, to me it’s pure sex and it’s unlikely to be the last stainless steel toy I own. 

You can buy the Njoy Pure Wand for £99.99 at UberKinky



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