Female Orgasms And Other Mystical Tales


Recently I’ve seen some utter toss on my Twitter time line about female orgasms. The general theme of this toss was that most women don’t actually experience “real” physical orgasm instead they have intense feelings of love and intimacy which they misinterpret as physical climax. This might be the case for a small number of very sheltered women with poor love lives or poor lovers but I don’t accept for one moment this is the standard for women in general. For starters I’ve had mind-blowing orgasms with people whose names I haven’t even known, please don’t tell me this was me feeling intense feelings of love.


As ludicrous as the discussion was it sparked me into thinking about my own orgasm, and female orgasm in general.  There is this common held perception that either female orgasms are rarer than rocking horse shit or only ever achieved by a unicorn of a woman that’s in touch with every aspect of her inner sexual goddess. This is quite frankly utter shit. I had my first orgasm ridiculously young. I wasn’t even aware of what I’d done. I just knew it felt amazing and I wanted more. This wasn’t the result of some sophisticated sexual woman. This was pure instinct and natural urge. Now I’m not at all suggesting this is the same for everyone, as I’ve already mentioned in past posts that I’m hyper sexual, however I’ve had plenty of discussions with friends and made plenty of female lovers cum, enough to know plenty of women achieve orgasm without problem.

I do think there is a high proportion of fakers though. Chatting with my girl friends we’ve shared stories of times of faking to get through a particularly bad encounter quickly, myself I don’t fake. I absolutely refuse to. If I’m not going to cum I’m not going to stroke your ego about it, how will you learn if you think you’re doing it right in the first place.  I regularly have made myself cum during sex. I see nothing wrong with meeting my own needs to ensure equal satisfaction. Women often won’t cum from pure penetration alone this is true. It usually needs positioning to ensure G Spot is met and some kind of stimulation is on the clit. And not every woman can achieve G Spot climax but to suggest female orgasm is rare or worse unreal is just plain ridiculous.


I have two distinctly different types of orgasm. The first and by far most common is caused by clitoral sensation. This is a particularly delicious type of climax that feels like a wave of tension building in the muscles of my abdomen before it breaks as I peak and crashes over me in intense spasms of pleasure. My whole life I’ve been able to cum repeatedly in this way and it’s only when I’m too sensitive to be touched that I have to stop.

My second type of climax is through my G Spot and this is without doubt the most messy.  This feels similar to a clitoral orgasm but the intensity is lower, centered inside my cunt as opposed to up in my body. It builds in a similar way to a point where I can’t stop or control it anymore and then I cum, accompanied by a flood of my own fluids. It feels just as intense as a clitoral orgasm but in a different way and I like to combine the two for ultimate satisfaction. Whichever of the two it is I’m experiencing one thing is certain, it’s very real. This is no “emotional orgasm” this is my back arching in pleasure, my legs locking and shaking as my muscles cramp and the intensity builds. This is my eyes closing to avoid rolling up into my head with pure white-hot pleasure as a sheen of sweat coats my electrified skin and I fall over the edge, tearing at sheets, moaning and panting like a dehydrated spaniel whilst stars dance behind my eyelids. Emotional orgasm my arse.


I really hate the attitude that physical orgasm and sex are purely a male thing. Get fucked are they! I devote hours of my time simply bringing myself sexual pleasure and I know hundreds of women who do the same. Women are probably more built for orgasm as our bodies allow us to reload fast unlike most men. We can cum all night with the right partner. Female orgasm is very much a thing and should be celebrated not doubted! The recent UK porn ban (which still enrages me to the point of wanting to scream) included one category that literally made my blood run cold… female ejaculation. How fucking dare they! How can you ban something that we have no more control over than you do your own ejaculate! I was a mere teen the first time I experienced this phenomenon. Wanking on my parents sofa I was suddenly acutely aware of a much more intense sensation than I was used to. It was so so good I couldn’t stop and then before I knew it I came, grabbing at my tits and throwing my head back as the new-found sensations crashed over me till it happened. At first I thought I’d wet myself. I didn’t even know women could do this! A quick inspection confirmed I wasn’t incontinent but was fucking confused. It took me years to accept what my own body did without my consent. I was frightened to admit it to friends and kept it to myself like a dark secret. Only my current partner has ever been able to share this with me. Tell me UK government is that how you want our teenage girls to feel on their journeys of sexual self discovery? Ashamed? Scared? Confused? Embarrassed? Banning female ejeculation is like banning snow from falling. You might not like it but you sure as hell won’t stop it.

Those so-called sex experts that believe female orgasms are male driven or rare should have a little look at the sales figures of companies like Ann Summers or Lovehoney. Are all these women buying vibrators to please their man? No. They are buying them so they can enjoy sheet grabbing, mind-blowing real female orgasms.



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  1. John says:

    I find your blogs so sexy to read. I get hard as a rock when I read them. I wish you all the best.


    1. CandySnatch says:

      I’m glad your enjoy them

      Candy x


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