Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations!


I have an ever-growing toy collection which started way back in my teens. I have genuine connections to some of my toys, there are my perennial favourites and those which need a specific mood or scene for me to want to use them. My most regularly used toys have to be my vibrators though.  I remember vividly purchasing my first vibrator, well before the days of internet shopping. Attending a friends Ann Summers  party I was utterly bewitched when passing the toys around and feeling the itchy buzzing against my fingers I longed to press it against my clit and feel what it was like to cum without manual stimulation. I settled on a small pink sparkly rubber vibrator (I bet you’re well shocked it was pink and sparkly) I can’t tell you how exciting my first wank with that little vibrator was, it was the retro version of the Promises vibrator, battery operated and standard cock shape. The first time the tip touched my clit I gasped and moaned out loud and came in record time even for me. I also found my new toy meant I could easily multiple orgasm, something I’d been doing for years with my hand but it took a fair bit of effort. Looking back at my little sparkly vibrator I’m mortified now. I’m convinced it wasn’t body safe. We are talking years ago, before body safe materials in sex toys were an issue. The vibrations would no doubt leave me cold now but back then it was earth moving and my love for sex toys began. This was quickly joined by a bigger metallic  vibrator, bought courtesy of my local Ann Summers  hostess who now knew me quite well. Multi speeds/patterns and stronger vibration made this a perfect step up and I quickly realised I favour solid vibration over patterns but definitely required power. This was the first toy that ever gave me a G Spot orgasm, leaving me convinced I’d wet myself all over my parents sofa. I didn’t even realise women could ejaculate.

I was quite happy to just switch between wanking by hand and using my battery operated boyfriends for a while but eventually I found I was torn between penetration and needing clit stimulation. Here’s where my first Rabbit came in. By this time I was able to visit a local Ann Summers  store and browsing all the lovely vibrators I saw one that instantly caught my attention. It was called The Ann Summers Silicone One. It was a lovely bright pink and when the sales girl saw me avidly reading the box she offered to show me one so I could feel the vibrations. They were so much deeper than my trusty little vibrator in my bedside drawer. The ears had a lovely strong vibration and the shaft gently rotated. Wow… I was totally sold by the idea of internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time and bought it there and then. This also marked the first time I spent far more than I intended on a sex toy. However I never once regretted this purchase. My Silicone Rabbit was totally addictive. I would spend hours wanking myself into a shaking mess. It never let me down and gave me deep intense orgasms. Eventually I needed a new edge to my Rabbit and purchased my first butt plug to use alongside it. Looking at it now I actually chuckle. It was more like a rubber finger on a flared base. Once again bought from good old Ann Summers. This enabled me to finally achieve complete stimulation on my own. Feeling my orgasm from my Rabbit rippling through me and sending spasms around my newly purchased plug was an absolute revelation.

Next came a series of bullets. Lipstick shaped ones, pretty coloured ones, a remote-controlled one. All buzzy little bees perfect for a no frills climax, or to use on myself during sex if I knew there was no hope of orgasm from my partner. I also loved to use them whilst fucking myself hard and fast with my dildo, feeling the tension spread through my abdomen before the colours exploded in my vision as I cum hard. As much as I enjoyed my bullets they rarely lasted long and I always wanted more guts to my vibrations.


I then discovered online sex toy retailers.  My first vibrator from Lovehoney  was a G Spot vibrator called Rock Chick by Rocks Off. This was meant to be a hands free vibrator which locked inside you and stimulated your clit and G Spot. The angle was so wrong for my cunt and it did neither, leaving me frustrated and horny. At the time I remember thinking a hands free vibrator was probably an impossible thing however I’ve since discovered this isn’t true.


Undeterred I was soon back on Lovehoney  browsing and fell in love with a triple penetration vibrator. Basically a rabbit with a little anal bead arm attached to the back and rotating metal balls in the shaft. I enjoyed this immensely and for a little while it overtook my much-loved Silicone One Rabbit however the vibrations weren’t as strong and I moved back to my default favourite.


My next vibrator purchase was my first wand. Just a standard Lovehoney battery operated one but the power was impressive and I was quickly addicted to the new thrill of a wider stimulation area and a deeper stronger buzz. I actually broke this wand I used it so much, promising myself that when it died I was going to treat myself to a mains operated one.


The next vibrator purchase that sticks in my mind would be my Annabelle Knight Ooooh G Spot Vibrator. This is a toy I still use but rarely as a vibrator. The curve on the Ooooh is so fierce it literally turns me into a water fountain in minutes. If I turn the vibrator on I can achieve some seriously impressive range when I cum, soaking my bed and myself in the process. I still love my Ooooh and despite the fact it’s not very pretty it remains permanently in my bedroom drawer.


I finally decided I needed to invest in power. Jealous of the reviews I read online surrounding the Doxy Wand I knew I needed one. My Doxy was an impulse buy, kind of a”damn it I’ve waited long enough!!”thing. I’ve never wanted a parcel to arrive more. My first session with my Doxy Wand changed the way I wank. Orgasms would never be the same. The violence and intensity of the climax with my Doxy was intoxicating and I happily parted with every single penny of the price tag to allow my clit the exquisite pleasure of a Doxy wank.


No longer satisfied with battery operated buzzing I was hungry for power. I’d read amazing things about The Swan Whooper and really wanted a new and improved rabbit. When the Whooper arrived I actually thought I’d dropped a clanger when I first held it, however this little beauty gives me quiet, hands free, clitoral and internal orgasms the like of which no vibrator has ever done. I strongly believe my Whooper will be one of my all time favourite vibrators forever. It never leaves my bedside and I can always rely on it for fast, delicious, intense results with a level of discretion my Doxy can’t give me.


My next vibrator came courtesy of the Pleasure Panel. Cara allocated me The Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit. Given my attachment to my Silicone One Rabbit I absolutely beamed when I saw my allocation. The Moregasm Contour Rabbit is like my old Silicone Rabbit if it suddenly obtained super powers. I was in awe of the new Ann Summers climax technology and very grateful to Cara for allowing me to experience it. The Moregasm Contour Rabbit effectively retired my trusty Silicone One.


This brings me to my most recent purchase. Ever searching for the perfect G Spot Vibrator I was drawn to reviews for the Jopen Key Comet II G Spot wand. The shape strongly echoed my beloved Ooooh’s only this promised stronger internal rumbles to tempt my G Spot.  Currently my Comet II is charging. Waiting for its maiden voyage. And I can’t wait to feel what it can do.

Over the years I’ve accumulated dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, restraints and bondage accessories, clamps, clips, Ben Wa Balls and suckers however without doubt my favourite and most go to toys in my box are the vibrators. I fully intend to continue expanding my collection until I require a room to house them and a generator to run them.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow . . . what an impressive collection!!!
    (And I thought that I had lots!)
    Wonderful . . . and fun reading . . . and now I think I just have to rush upstairs to my own toybox!!!
    Xxx – K


    1. CandySnatch says:

      It’s shocking how quickly it all grows though isn’t it?

      Candy xx


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