Black Sheep Latex Babydoll Lingerie Dress Review


Latex is one of the best feelings against the skin. I love it, so when my man said he wanted to buy me some latex lingerie I was over the moon. I opted for a Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress from Black Sheep Latex, a UK-based company who specialise in gorgeous handmade latex clothing and lingerie. Browsing the Black Sheep site I was spoilt for choice, but being a big fan of Babydoll lingerie this one jumped out at me. Both of us loved it so I contacted Black Sheep to place an order. Custom latex requires measurements etc and a discussion about colour scheme. After taking my measurements I opted for bubblegum pink and black trim and messaged across my specifications.


Black Sheep Latex are incredibly helpful, the lovely Helen responded quickly to my messages and assisted me with design tweaks, thicker latex straps for example for added support. I was expecting a 2-3 week lead time on my Black Sheep Latex Babydoll dress, however knowing I was going away they made efforts to get my order to me before I went away which I really appreciated. I was impressed that there was no extra charge for custom sizing which isn’t always the way with handmade latex, especially in the larger sizes. 

The day before my Black Sheep Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress was despatched I reviewed a delicious little sneak peek of my gorgeous lingerie from Helen via message. To say I was excited is an understatement. Delivery was super fast and the parcel was very discreet with a simple “Black Sheep Latex” sticker. As I held the parcel it felt a bit like Christmas morning. Inside wrapped in delicate powder pink tissue paper was my Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress.


Unwrapping the paper I fell immediately in love with the gorgeous candy pink latex. The pink against the black was a stunning contrast and I was really pleased with my choice. My Latex Babydoll Lingerie Dress is fully chlorinated, as are all Black Sheep Latex pieces, which means you don’t need lube or talc to slip into these beautiful garments. They feel smooth to the touch and not at all sticky or rubbery. Stroking my hand across the skirt I was practically biting my lip at the silky soft latex under my fingers. There was a faint rubber smell to the Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress but this is standard with all the latex I’ve owned and to be honest wasn’t as pronounced with some of the other pieces I own.


Unfolding my Babydoll and laying it on the bed I could fully appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the design. The skirt is a delicious candy coloured bubblegum pink, bright, girly and feminine. It sports a large split down the front of the skirt, giving a hint of what lies beneath it. The trim is a glossy black scalloped cup top with a large shiny bow in the centre. This runs up into two pink edged black crossover back straps which are fully adjustable. I had discussed with Helen needing a stronger, wider strap due to having pretty large boobs and I was pleased to notice this had been incorporated. The latex has a beautiful shine to it and doesn’t look at all tacky.

Slipping my Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress on I felt incredibly sexy. The latex clung to my skin feeling like electrified silk and I stood in front of the mirror stroking my hand across the bubblegum lengths feeling myself getting aroused by the sensation. The fit was very good and it didn’t feel as though the dress was stretching to accommodate me however it followed the lines of my curves perfectly. I was surprised by how well it supported my boobs as I struggle to get decent support out of lingerie usually. The only thing I felt was lacking was I could have used a slightly wider cup, that being said the look of my ample boobs pouring out of the cups did crazy things to my man. I teamed my Black Sheep Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress with a pair of Kix’ies black hold ups for a really sexy finishing touch.


Cleaning your handmade latex is as easy as rinsing it inside out in warm water and hanging up to dry. It should be stored in tissue paper and away from direct heat, humidity or light to avoid damaging the delicate material. You do need to be careful when pulling your latex on and off as extreme stretching can result in a tear in the material, as can sharp nails or jewellery so be careful of piercings etc. Black Sheep Latex do state on the care leaflet provided you can shine your latex using silicone based sprays but personally I think mine was shiny enough for my tastes.

I absolutely love my Black Sheep Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress. It’s so sexy and feminine and feels very elegant when I’m wearing it. My man loves it even more, loving the feel of the latex against his skin as we play. I was very impressed with the brilliant customer service at Black Sheep Latex and also felt that the price was really good for hand-made custom sized latex. My Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress cost £85 which I think was well worth it. You can find The Latex Babydoll Lingerie dress and other beautiful creations at Black Sheep Latex




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  1. Suzie says:

    Well don’t you look like a little treat wrapped in that! X


    1. CandySnatch says:

      😊 thankyou! I absolutely love it

      Candy x


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