A Very Public Disgrace


When the weather is warm my thoughts always turn to the same set of memories when I’m getting myself off or generally just drifting in an erotic reverie. The sun on my skin and the feeling of grass underneath me as my man slides inside me. Yes I don’t care what anyone says hot weather leads to al fresco sex. It’s a no brainer really. Heat = less clothing, smaller clothing, easier access and more time outside, for some of us the sun just feeds our sex drive.


To be honest I’m fairly exhibitionist to start with, I probably wouldn’t be comfortable spilling all my sexual exploits on this blog if I wasn’t. It’s such a thrill to misbehave somewhere you know you shouldn’t. The risk of being caught, lifting that sexual tension to an all time high. I love sex in public. I’m not alone either, there is a wealth of public disgrace porn on the internet, tapping into the exhibitionist/voyeuristic tendencies in all of us. We made a list of places at the beginning of our relationship and are gradually working our way through it as opportunity arises. It’s never planned. We don’t usually go out with the express intent of having sex somewhere we shouldn’t but the constant game of mutual teasing we indulge in leads to a situation getting far hotter than it ever should and it’s so easy to get carried away.


Legally public sex is sketchy ground. It is technically against the law and can land you with a nice little stay at her majesty’s pleasure for up to two years, but this is extreme. For the most part sex in public is ok if you have an expectation of privacy and haven’t set out to offend or upset the general public. The rule of law is, if you are at risk of being seen by two or more bystanders then it’s a public order offence, but if you’re in an isolated area and haven’t trespassed it will mostly be dealt with leniently should you be reported.  The police try not to resort to arrests unless it’s a flagrant disregard of public decency or children are present, even if a complaint has been made. More often than not they would have a quiet word with the participants first and of course you have to be caught and reported first. Most people turn a blind eye to what is ultimately harmless fun.


I confess I have definitely broken the laws of public decency on more than one occasion. Once laying sunbathing on the grass in a county park with my man quickly turned into full-blown sex in the middle of a common, my long maxi dress draped over his lap as I sat on top of him kissing him and rocking gently with him deep inside me. If anyone came past us we simply stopped moving, whilst I’m sure a few passers-by suspected what my dress was hiding none could prove it. The delicious, naughty feeling of sharing that secret as we sat there was so hot, both of us trying to retain a modicum of composure as we came. One of our very first dates ended up with us naked, fucking on the edges of a corn field, and as I laid there with his head buried between my thighs, my hands clutching at the grass and the warmth of the sun on my naked skin, I remember realising he was someone I’d be happy to lay naked in the long grass with forever. We have had our share of encounters inside in public places too, lunch dates where he discovers what I’m wearing under my dress and it simply can’t wait and one seriously memorable occasion in an empty cinema which we turned into our private bedroom for the duration of the film (still one of my favourite wank bank memories). But those where I can feel the sun, or rain on my skin are the ones which rank highest on my sensual pleasure scale. The smell of the grass and trees mingling with the intoxicating scent of his skin. Hearing the breeze in the trees and the fear that the rustling in the bushes might be someone watching. We have been caught a few times, frantically pulling our clothes back together, laughing uncontrollably. Most of the time they either don’t notice our messed up clothing and flushed faces or they simply give us a knowing smile and walk on. My man once locked eyes with a woman riding her horse, when a drive to a country pub turned into a blow job. We both knew she was there but I brazenly continued, emboldened by the fact I was lost in my need to taste him. She stopped riding for a few seconds, watching him stroking my hair as I slid his cock deep into my throat, their eyes met for a few moments and then she just rode on. For us that experience of being seen, the thrill, it just added to the explosion when he eventually came.


I think a lot of the appeal, apart from the risk of being caught, is the spontaneity. Not being able to wait to make it to the privacy of the bedroom to be able to quench that desire for each other. It literally makes the world your playground so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I love being snuggled up next to my man in bed after playing but for sheer thrills al fresco sex wins. Especially when one of us gets all Dominant and decides we won’t wait, demanding to be satisfied where we stand. It reminds me of being young, back when you begin to explore sexually, and have no privacy so need to be creative. Most of us have early sexual experiences in cars, club toilets and other such places. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way it’s always been something I love and firmly believe isn’t done with the intention of offending or upsetting anyone. I can’t help it if I want him so bad I simply have to have him then and there!



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