I Licked It So It’s Mine!

finger blowjob_20160725180539477

One of the most intimate acts you can enjoy during sex is oral. There’s nothing more likely to break down those boundaries than teasing your tongue over your loved one and tasting their excitement. It’s one of the things you can do simultaneously to give equal amounts of pleasure to each other.

There’s no denying the intimacy of oral. It’s probably the most explicit exchange of bodily fluids there is. Choosing to taste and consume part of a partner to bring them pleasure. Myself, I’ve always been a swallower. I never saw the issue way back in the start of my sexual life, if I was going to lick and suck his cock it really wasn’t that much more of a reach to swallow his cum. To me it’s not much more than common courtesy. I have a friend that runs into the bathroom after her partner cums in her mouth. She protests how icky she finds it to us on girls nights out. I asked how she’d feel if he wiped his tongue on the back of his hand after going down on her. I think if you really can’t tolerate cum in your mouth best to get him to cum on your face or tits as nothing is more insulting than someone making gagging noises while spitting your load in the toilet. I remember as a teenager girls giving blow jobs and insisting the lad wore a condom. I’d always have felt cheated.


I personally love giving oral. It’s one of the times I feel most in control. I have a terrible habit of edging my poor man to the point of agonising frustration purely to draw out my fun. I love watching his face as I tease him. Once he cums I see it almost as a reward for my efforts. That’s not to say I’ve always been quite so enamoured about swallowing. I used to find a particular ex a real trial in the swallowing department. But my sexual etiquette refused to allow me to be rude about it and I’d swallow and silently wonder what the hell he’d been eating to taste so funky.

For me oral with girls is just as good as with boys. It’s like coming home. I know exactly how to flick my tongue across her clit to maximise her moans. And you can echo each others movements for the most thrilling 69. Oral isn’t always fun though. It’s easy to totally forget how painful 3 day stubble can be on delicate skin or they dab at your clit with a weak tongue, unwilling to spend the time it takes to build up the heat needed to cum.


Good oral needs commitment. Throw yourself into the act and accept it’s gonna be messy. Embrace that. My boyfriend loves to kiss me after he’s been down on me and I love tasting myself on his lips and tongue. Seeing his handsome face covered in my cum is such a thrill. Knowing he loves to please me so much he literally lets me rub myself on him in excitement as I reach climax. Equally him telling me how beautiful he finds me when I’ve sucked him to completion, my hair a mess from his hands in it, my mascara streaked down my face and my eyes watering, fills me with such love it’s hard to explain. I know I look fucking awful. He finds it sexy because he knows how much of myself I put into sucking his cock.


It’s important to be enthusiastic. Don’t be scared to explore. Tongues across the perineum feel amazing. That little seam that runs across his balls, the raphe, is packed with nerves that will feel so good if gently sucked or licked. Never neglect the frenulum, this little anchor of skin holds the key to serious sensation. Gently flicking your tongue across his frenulum will leave him shaking hard. Try not to be squeamish about experimenting with your tongue on his arse. Many men enjoy the feeling of a warm, wet tongue slowly teased across their arse as much as girls do. Even when concentrating your teasing on his shaft let your fingers replace your tongue elsewhere. If you can slide his cock to the back of your throat do so. He’s not gonna care if you heave or choke, in fact it’s more likely to make his cock harder still.


Before making a beeline for her clit warm her up with some anticipation. Lightly kiss around the pelvic area getting closer but take your time. Watch her start to lift her hips to guide your mouth to her aching clit. Tease her by French kissing her cunt. Feeling your tongue swirling inside her will set her nerves on fire. When you finally move to her clit gently sucking on it is a great way to make it swell and prepare it for orgasm. It heightens sensitivity. Don’t forget to multitask, just because you’re using your tongue doesn’t mean you can’t use your fingers and trust me this feels insanely good. When licking her clit remember most girls favour stimulation on one side of the clit as opposed to across it in general. Experiment and see which direction makes her moan hardest. A great tip often used is tracing the alphabet with your tongue, though for me this is a little too rehearsed. I want to feel his desire when his face is buried between my thighs, not that he knows how to spell. I’d rather erratic excitement than pre-planned formula. Not much in the world beats the feeling of wrapping my fingers in his hair and pulling him into me deeper as I cum on his face except perhaps that expression like he wants to eat me, just before he actually does.

It can be no coincidence that often oral sex is one of the first things to go as a relationship begins to stale. It’s one of the most lust-filled sex acts and also requires a degree of effort on the givers part. It is however a mind-blowing gift and one we should keep giving to each other all the way through our relationship. We should work harder to keep that level of intimacy and lust in our love lives for as long as we can. Literally devouring your lover is as close as you can possibly be, that closeness must be worth maintaining.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Suzie says:

    Good read as ever, like your descriptive style. Makes me tingle a little on my button! Haha x


    1. CandySnatch says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Candy x


  2. Adam says:

    Oral has gone out the window for me, where once she loved taking me in her mouth it now is a rare treat since we’ve had a baby. Will this come back? Haha!x


    1. CandySnatch says:

      Babies and stress are often the cause of a pause in a healthy sex life. Have you told her how much you miss sharing that with her?

      Candy x


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