Tenga Egg Easy Beat Wavy Cool Edition Review

Male masturbation aids are a rapidly growing sector and one name that has become synonymous with this is Tenga. Tenga make a huge range of masturbation sleeves with a range of twists from different internal patterns to suction and variations on tightness and even temperature (cooling gels to create chills and a warming stick you can use to heat the holes for added realism). Literally a whole range of options for even the most fussy cock.
One of the most talked about variations in this range is the disposable Tenga Egg. I’ve seen all kinds of reviews for the Tenga Egg and it piqued my curiosity, however not possessing my own penis I enlisted the help of my gorgeous assistant (Mr Snatch) to try one out.

Neither of us had any experience of a male masturbation aid so it was a learning curve for both of us but he is fully converted now and would definitely use a Tenga Egg again.

The review was posted on Cara Sutra and you can find the link below

You can buy this and other Tenga products at Simply Pleasure 

Affiliate links have been used in this review.


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