Diogol Anni Swarovski Crystal Butt Plug Review

I’m very much a girly girl. Attracted by all things pink and sparkly. So therefore I was excited to try the Diogol Anni Swarovski Crystal Butt Plug. The Diogol Anni is a beautiful pink metal butt plug with a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal seated in the base. This all sounds very much my thing.
However when the Diogol Anni arrived I was actually shocked by the tiny size and the small base. I wasn’t at all confident about wearing this plug without the risk of a trip to A&E for an extraction and as pretty as the Diogol Anni was that wasn’t on my to-do list.

This plug is one that remains firmly in my toy box. I need security and safety as my number one factor in sex toys and unfortunately this one just didn’t make the cut.
After writing my review I started searching the net to see if anyone else had encountered problems with the Diogol Anni plug and it didn’t take long to find people had similar concerns and at least one person had experienced the plug travelling inside them during prolonged wear.

My full review can be found at Cara Sutra at the link below.



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