Icicles No. 48 Flower Plug Review

The Icicles 48 was my first glass plug and for me what the moment at which I knew I preferred glass over silicone. I expected this to be a harder more uncomfortable feeling and yet somehow it felt better and was by far the best plug I’d tried at the time.

Of course being Icicles it is beautiful, as all their stuff are, but the pink, girly style is so me and the base looks super pretty when worn. It catches the light in almost prismatic ways and will always be a firm favourite of mine and stiff competition for any new plugs I buy.

I think for me the best thing about the Icicles 48 was the safety element. The base was so wide and thick I felt there was just no chance of it vanishing anywhere unwanted. I do sometimes think that some plugs appear to sacrifice safety for aesthetics although I accept there is a comfort element to a nice trim base that you don’t get with the wider based plugs. For me feeling the base is far preferable to a trip to A&E for an awkward retrieval as much as that would probably amuse my other half and indeed all my friends. Being able to relax whilst wearing it is just as important as being comfortable and I’ve had at least one plug  (Diogol Anni Swarovski Crystal Plug) where the base was so tiny I literally only wore it to review, never comfortable or happy enough to wear it again. As pretty as it was, the size of the base simply petrified me and when I researched a bit on various blogs it didn’t take me long to find someone who had experienced a travelling mishap with this plug. For me safety comes first and disappearing anal toys are a scary reality. Always make sure you have a decent flared base on any anal toys you may use.

I bought my Icicles No. 48 Flower Butt Plug at Lovehoney for the excellent price of £22.99 and in their usual fashion the delivery was super quick, discreet and hassle free.

I reviewed The Icicles No. 48 Flower Butt Plug for The Pleasure Panel at Carasutra and the link to my review can be found below.


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